Thanks from Eezy Basket!

Eezy Basket will not be held in summer 2019

In 2016 we began creating the biggest street basketball tournament in Finland through voluntary work. Our dream was to bring street basketball to the center of Helsinki and support young basketball players by donating all the participation costs to the Basketball Federation of Finland for youth work. Eezy Basket grew from a dream to reality and each year, we have witnessed special feeling; love for the game, that has brought all of us together. The atmosphere was amazing last summer, as the sun was shining, and big crowds were cheering on the record of 91 teams! We will forever cherish that feeling as the tournament held last August will be the last Eezy Basket for now.

The event was hosted and mainly funded by the invoicing service Eezy. Eezy’s staff and many other volunteers have been the driving force of Eezy Basket, and the tournament would have not been possible without them. From the beginning of Eezy Basket the goal was to find sponsors and partners to share the costs of the tournament with. Unfortunately, we did not succeed very well with this goal and after long consideration, we have decided that hosting the tournament in summer 2019 is not possible. It is time to thank each and every one, who has participated in the tournament in any way – you have been the heart and soul of this great event.

Thank you, players, parents, coaches and fans. Thanks to all volunteers, Petteri Koponen, the “father” of the tournament. Thanks to Susijengi, Helsinki Seagulls and all sponsors and partners throughout the years.

We wish everyone memorable moments, games and joy playing street basketball!

Eezy Basket

Eezy Basket is a relaxed 3x3 street basketball event in the heart of Helsinki, held at the Mantymäki field. It's a fun street basket filled weekend regardless of your age or skill level. A series can be found for everyone- from top players to businesses as well as under 10-year old boys and girls. The most important element is the happy game vibe and to create an even more enjoyable atmosphere. The ’father’ of the tournament is top basketball player Petteri Koponen.

The first Eezy Basket event was held in 2016 and in 2017 and it was Finland’s biggest street basket tournament. In 2018 Eezy Basket there was more than 90 teams! All registration fees are fully donated to the youth work at the Finnish Basketball Association.

The tournament is played by the FIBA 3x3 rules, therefore you should consider these points:

When signing up, we need all the players’ names, birth dates and home towns so that we can add the teams to the FIBA 3x3 -system. Also, we’ll create a match programme and the players have the opportunity to gain ranking points. We hope that the players register to the FIBA system themselves, so that they have the possibility of updating their own profile in the future. We’ll also be able to find the player’s name, date of birth and home town via his/her name when adding teams.

You can create your profile through this link:

Registration form

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